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DiMauro Oil Company, LLC - Fuel Oil | Portland, CT
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Unparalleled kerosene delivery service

Get your kerosene delivered by a company that will come through no matter what. DiMauro Oil Company, LLC will keep the heat on day or night.

  • 24 hour emergency service

  • Cash on delivery discounts

  • Volume discounts

  • Automatic delivery

  • Pre-buy price protection plans

  • We participate in CRT (Connecticut Energy Assistance Program)

  • Commercial and residential service

Why DiMauro Oil Company, LLC?

Are you out of kerosene? We will come and fill up your tank 24 hours a day. Don't get caught without heat in the cold Connecticut winters.


Do you have other fueling or heating needs? We provide delivery of fuel oil and diesel fuel, as well as keeping your heating equipment running with a service contract.

24 hour emergency deliveries

Call us today for prompt delivery


If you are out of kerosene to heat your home, call us today! We offer 24 hour emergency service to keep you warm.

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